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We have an array of books within our library that are available for the women on our programmes to access. They provide additional support and an increased awareness of the trauma that the women have encountered whilst also providing hope and advice for healing. We also feel that it is important to recognise that children are also victims of domestic abuse, and need additional support to help them to heal, something the books listed below can aid with.

What you can do with the books

Educate yourself

Educate yourself on domestic abuse, psychology, development, and recovery.

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If you are part of the community and want to buy a book please buy it through our affiliate links:

This way, you are helping a woman to Rise. Reclaim. Recover. as the links generate a small income for us, so thank you, we are grateful for every penny.  

Do you need any advice? Take a look at our library below!

Pick them up from our library

If you are part of WE:ARE's programming, please swing by and pick up a book.

For a list of the books in our library, see below!

In Our Library

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  • 1- Our Favourite Books
  • 2- Domestic Abuse
  • 3- Mind, Body and Spirit
  • 4- Child Development
  • 5- Children’s Books
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