Awareness and Empowerment Programmes

We deliver a pathway of programmes, Freedom, Own my Life, Healing Together and You and Me, Mum. Within each of them they provide the knowledge the women need to process, heal and move forward.

Freedom Programme is delivered online on zoom and also face to face. You can choose which suits you best or you can attend a mixture of the two. 

 Through group work we learn that we are not alone, it was never our fault and that we CAN heal and move forward.


Start with...

We recommend beginning your journey with our Freedom Programme.
It helps us identify and recognise the abusive tasctics of an abuser,  understand the impact on ourselves and our children, recognise it wasn't our fault, and realise that we aren't alone. 


Once we are more comfortable with group work we can move on to The Own My Life Course which gives us tools to reclaim our lives .

Then, you could...

Finally, the Healing Together Course is suited if you are looking to understand how your body and brain can work together to help you feel safe and calm. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format so that you can share the resources with your children. Followed by You & Me, Mum a 10 week programme to support our children's healing by seeing them through a new lens. 

If you aren't sure which programme is best, let's get in touch