Awareness and Empowerment Programmes

We deliver a pathway of programmes, Freedom, Own my Life and You and Me, Mum. Within each of them they provide the knowledge the women need to process, heal and move forward.

These are all run in groups as it enables camaraderie and shows that you are not alone on your journey. Abuse is isolating, and as humans we need connection and relationships to heal.


Start with...

We recommend beginning your journey with our Freedom Programme.
It's especially suited if you are looking to identify the types of abuse, wondering how to deal with domestic abuse, or if you are looking to heal through the experience of others' domestic abuse stories.


Once you are more comfortable naming the types of abuse your partner exhibits, as shown in 'Living With The Dominator,' you can begin to reclaim your own life.
The Own My Life Course will give you the tools to rebuild.

Then, you could...

Finally, the Healing Together Course is suited if you are looking to understand how your body and brain can work together to help you feel safe and calm. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format so that you can share the resources with your children.

If you aren't sure which programme is best, let's get in touch