Healing Together

The Healing Together programme provides support for women that are impacted by domestic abuse. 

This trauma informed programme is based on six sessions and each session is delivered within 60 minutes. 

The programme has been carefully put together to help women learn about how their body and brain can work together to help them feel safe and calm. You will not be asked to talk about your experiences of domestic abuse. This is a programme to help you connect and learn how to keep your brain and body feeling safe. 

Healing Together's course and materials are grounded in research and written by Dr Asha Patel (Clinical Psychologist, Innovating Minds CIC) and Jane Evans (Childhood Trauma Expert).

Videos and worksheets are used to explore and reinforce the invaluable information shared. The sessions cover grounding and breathing, sensory safety, finding your feelings, coping strategies and identifying a support plan. 


This programme is unique in its approach as it combines trauma informed principles with relational approaches, neuroscience, attachment models.

"The courses were delivered sensitively, and it was very empowering to navigate experiences whilst not identifying personal experience."

- Healing Together participant